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There are many ways to offer your support to OVERFLOW by volunteering your time and talents. They are: RECYCLERS: Pick up our excess items & boxes to recycle at different places around Ames and Central Iowa. UPCYCLERS: Use some of our excess items to create something useful or beautiful and help keep stuff out of the landfill. (i.e. painting mugs & vases, crafting rugs from old t-shirts) PEN PALS: Be a pen pal with one of the kids we sponsor in Uganda. We have 15+ kids and having dedicated people to write to them will help us show them love and support. VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Help us with scheduling and communicating with volunteers on a regular basis. This could include a newsletters, talking to volunteers about their time at the store and more ONLINE / INTERNET SALES: Like to be online? Use your volunteer time to help us to sell items online. We have many items that would sell better in an online atmosphere. Help us with this system and help us to grow. MARKETING & ADVERTISING: Are you majoring in marketing or advertising? Help with our marketing efforts by being on the marketing team. You can help design ads and schemes to help draw more people into the store. CLOTHING DEPT: Help save torn, out of date clothing from the landfill by researching ways to recycle clothing into rugs or insulation. Help us research ways to accomplish this task. BOARD MEMBERS: Provide oversight on the board of directors or committee. We are looking for 3 more people to join us. TEAM LEADERS: Take charge of a department like linens, library, shoes, books or clothing. REGULAR OPEN VOLUNTEERS: Help run the store during the open hours by working register or restocking the shelves. SORTER/PRICER: Be the first to see donations in the back room by sorting and pricing incoming donations from local families PICK UP & DELIVERY: Use your muscle to pick up larger items like furniture & appliances. This is a good option for Connection Groups. HANDYMAN: Use your skills to fix things around the store as needed. Changing light bulbs, fixing desks and furniture, etc. Volunteers can work 1 to 4 hour shifts (or more) as they can fit into their schedule. We have a sign up online that we can email to you if you send us your information. Contact us anytime to figure out what might work best for you to serve here and make a difference over there. OR Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form on our site.
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