Non-Profit Business Development Team

Monday, February 1st from 12:00am to Friday, April 30th, 2021 12:00am (ET)



The National Entrepreneurship Association is looking for college students in the Orangeburg Area who are interested in developing a non-profit entity that works with youth from the 8th to the 12th grades in schools.

Summary of Business Concept
The organization will be focused on three primary purposes.
  • Supplemental Education.  The organization's primary goal will be to teach youth about critical topics that have not been traditionally taught in the school system (politics, money, cultural heritage, etc).
  • Volunteer Leadership.  Second, the organization will promote volunteerism in the community to help build community activism and togetherness.
  • Fundraising.  Many non-profits struggle with financial sustainability.  This organization will work to host social events that will help to support the organization itself as well as other partnering non-profits in the area.
  • CLASS CREDIT.  Although this internship is not directly tied to any classes, this internship can be used for class credit.  Upon acceptance, we will contact relevant class faculty and assist you in requesting class credit for this work.  In addition, this can be used as volunteer credit for your school or specific program that requires internship hours.
  • NO COMPENSATION.  This is a volunteer opportunity.  Nonetheless, if the program is successful, paid positions may be available after the internship.

Your Participation
We are looking for students who are interested in putting together a team to create this organization.  From the business planning phase to implementation, we are looking for students to help develop this business concept and potentially continuing to operate the business if successful.  Click the Conference Link below to setup an appointment to discuss your involvement and click the Apply Now button on the right.
Opens Jan 24, 2021 1:00am
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