FoodPrints integrates gardening, cooking, and nutrition education into the curriculum at partner schools in Washington, DC. Our expert educators teach hands-on, standards-based lessons that get students excited about growing, preparing and enjoying fresh, local whole foods and bring science, math and social studies to life; with the goal of improving health outcomes of children and families.

There will be many opportunities to volunteer in our classrooms and gardens at a number of local elementary schools around DC, beginning in late September! Due to FoodPrints classes adapting to COVID-19 precautionary measures, all in-person group cooking activities have ceased.

**DCPS Volunteer Clearance is required before volunteering in any of our classrooms or gardens.**
(For volunteer clearance application purposes, volunteers can select "School Without Walls at Francis Stevens" as their placement site, though actual placement sites may be at a different partner school.)

For those interested in being trained as a weekly volunteer for the semester, please reach out to for more information. The commitment for a weekly volunteer is 2-5 hours/week during the school day (M-F 8:30am-5:00pm).
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