William Paterson Changebuilders Campus


William Paterson University, serving through this project as a “Changebuilder” campus, has committed to creating opportunities for hundreds of new college volunteers, with each student volunteering on community projects for 40-100 hours per year. This project will result in between 10,000 and 50,000 hours of high quality, project-focused volunteer time. The Changebuilder Program will focus on the counties surrounding William Paterson University through this work over the next 5 years – including students taking service learning, experiential philanthropy and community based research courses, completing projects for nonprofits and local government, and working together to tackle issues of inequality. Students will be recruited into one of two tracks, a) the one-year individual model (40 hours total), or b) the multi-year cohort model (100 hours annually). 
63 People | 103 Impacts | 209 Hours | 5,673 Total Economic Impact