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Welcome to Kauai Humane Society's Volunteer Group page! KHS staff, and the animals, are so grateful for your dedication to helping enhance our animals' care, assist in our shelter's processes and serve the community's animal services needs!
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Hi everyone! For those of you on-island and wanting to come back to volunteer, we have a mostly "contact-less" project we need help with! We have been separating large bags of donated dog and cat food into zip lock bags to distribute during our COVID-19 drive up vaccine clinics and/or Gomez Galley food bank sign-ups from the public who are in need. We've got maybe 2 hours' worth of food bagging help needed - and you'll be in the classroom at a great social distance. ;-) Reply here or email erin@kauaihumane.org if you can help in the next few days or week!
A stray kitten decided to adopt me. He gets along with my 5 other adopted cats. Looking for neutering information for him.
I would contact the humane society directly by calling or emailing. They should be able to do it for a small fee. If not, perhaps they’ll have someplace to direct you to ☺️ — Kalia Boiser-gomes Kalia Boiser-gomes on May 8, 2020
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