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Have one single place to organize your docents, volunteers, members and donors

As one of the nation's highly ranked children's museum, we are fueled by volunteers that help us reach our mission of growing minds, connecting families and transforming communities through joyful learning and discovery. GivePulse enables us to better recruit, engage and manage a variety of volunteers regardless of their role at the museum. Whether they are a group volunteering together, our dedicated general volunteers, or occasional volunteers lending a hand, the GivePulse platform offers a solution for each scenario and program's needs. Volunteers have enjoyed the flexibility of creating their own hours with the Open Timeslots option, allowing them to schedule based on availability. They have found the software very user friendly.

The invaluable impacts with reflections from our volunteers provide us with an overview of our volunteer program while also allowing us to dive deeper into each volunteer's unique experiences at the DoSeum. The automated reminders, ability to message large groups easily and post-opportunity data collection tools we cannot live without. The mobile sign-in app has helped us streamline volunteer check in and verification of attendance. I highly recommend GivePulse to any museum or non-profit looking for a volunteer and event management software.

Lindsey Payne, Doseum - Children's Museum
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Be like Lindsey!

Membership & User Database

An all-in-one solution allowing you to manage profiles, store applications, match interests, activities, events and opportunities with volunteers, docents, donors and members

  • Individual & Group Management
    Oversee all individual and group applications, search or run reports on specific data points filled out or add custom fields for you to track your users
  • Membership Payments
    Filter through member applications, expose a way for them to donate or pay to be a member, and have a place to run reports
  • Calendar of Events & Opportunities
    Let individuals and groups to easily sign up, update their schedules and calendar, and at the same time allowing you to track registration and rsvps, communicate with users, identify the gaps and track program performance

Fundraising & Ticketing

Create fundraising campaigns, sell tickets, t-shirts and paraphernalia while leveraging the platform to recruit volunteers all in one place

  • Create all types of Events
    Create one time, multi-day or events that have a random set of recurrences.
  • Fundraising Campaigns
    Create fundraising campaigns that can be a simple donation page, or event be a crowdfunding campaign
  • Sell Tickets & Items
    Sell tickets, t-shirts or event items to support your programming and activities


Customize one or multiple membership or volunteer applications while allowing you the control to manage, edit, approve and review all submissions

  • Member Applications
    Set up a workflow for individuals to apply to the different memberships available while giving you the flexibility to search, edit, review and approve of their membership
  • Volunteer Applications
    Set up a workflow for individuals to apply to the different volunteer roles while giving you the flexibility to search, edit, review and approve their placements
  • Review, Edit and Approve
    Aggregate all applications to tag, review, edit, manage and approve pending applications so you can track their progress and run reports

Placements & Scheduling

Oversee all community, logistics and scheduling for individuals and groups, while enabling organizers and coordinators to know exactly the status of all placements by attendance, hours and determining gaps areas of improvement

  • Scheduling
    Set up orientation dates, one-time events, or ongoing opportunities in a calendar for you to place or for them to register into
  • Calendar
    Set up events, trainings, opportunities and activities on a calendar for your community to browse, register and track their engagement
  • Tracking
    From mobile downloadable apps (iOS and Android) to the PC/Mac, we provide the 360 degree solution to help track and engage your members and volunteers on the go and via the desktop


Survey, track and review all data related to student learning and impact on the community partners

  • Survey
    Send out a unique survey to gather feedback on members, volunteers and visitors to the museum
  • Qualitative & Quantitative
    Customize and design a survey with quantitative and qualitative fields so you can accurately collect the data for the assessment for your organization
  • Reporting
    Have one single place to gather all the data collected from your members, volunteers, and all event data so you can tell your story