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    DC Reads Summer 2021

    - 3.50 hours (07/12) Today we did a science project where we built a rocket and discussed the importance of friendship.
    - 3.50 hours (07/13) Today was chess day where we learned how to play chess.
    - 3.50 hours (07/14) Today was art and PE, where the students created their own business line.
    - 3.50 hours (07/15) Today was college and career readiness where we learned about web design. The students were SUPER engaged today!!!
    - 3.50 hours (07/16) Today was club day and the students in the gaming club were very energetic and participated a lot.
    - .50 hours (07/16) DC Reads met outside of programming to plan out icebreakers for the following week.
    - 3.50 hours (07/19) Today I led an icebreaker that went super well! I'm really happy about it.
    - 3.50 hours (07/20) Today was chess day and it might have been one of the most fun days I've had at programming since starting!
    - 3.50 hours (07/22) Today was a bit of a weird day because of tech issues, but the kids really enjoyed the reading portion of the day.
    - 3.50 hours (07/23) It was club day today and in our small groups were drew different cartoon and video game characters.

    Gave 32.00 hours between 07/11/2021 and 07/22/2021
    DC Reads Summer 2021

    - 1.5 (06/15) I finished all the summer fws requirements prior to starting my job.
    - .75 (06/24) I had a co-working meeting with the LAYC elementary team.

    Gave 2.25 hours between 06/11/2021 and 06/23/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 2.50 (May 3) Today was focusing on the principle of leadership so the boys talked about who they see as leaders and then we read MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech.
    - 2.50 (May 5) LPTM is just a magical place, I can't get over how much I love it.

    Gave 5.00 hours between 05/02/2021 and 05/04/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 2.50 (Apr. 19) Today the new teams were announced and we spent time coming up with the team name and nominating a captain.
    -2.75 (Apr. 21) Today honestly made me really emotional. The boys were reflecting on the trial of Derek Chauvin and hearing their pain and fear made me feel so sad. I just hope that I can be a support system to them.
    - 2.50 (Apr. 26) Today we made memes today (which mine was best not gonna lie) and I helped Brother Jevah with his homework.
    - 2.50 (Apr. 28) Today the boys started working on a mural project and I helped Brother Kaden with his homework.

    Gave 10.25 hours between 04/18/2021 and 04/29/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 2.75 hours (Apr. 5) Today we had our final session with sister Jazmine where we talked about being in a healthy relationship and communication. Brother Kaden also did great work on his Spanish homework.
    -2.50 hours (Apr. 7) We had a really interesting speaker come in today who talked about his work as a graphic designer and showed us some of his work around chocolate city.
    -1.00 (Apr. 15) I went to a skills-builder opportunity presented by mayor Muriel Bowser that discussed enslavement to emancipation. It was such an interesting discussion to attend and I thought all the speakers were so engaging.

    Gave 6.25 hours between 04/04/2021 and 04/14/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 2.75 hours (mar. 24) I led my lesson plan on ASL today which went SO WELL!!! I am so happy with how interested everyone was.
    -1.00 hour (Mar. 27) We had a site meeting today.
    - 2.50 hours (Mar. 29) Today we had a speaker come in to talk to the boys about sti/stds. For scholar hour we were helping brother Tremaine with his reading.
    - 2.50 hours (Mar. 31) We continued on with the ASL lessons and learned more about black asl. I finally got to see brother RJ again (yay!!) and he did such awesome work today during scholar hour.
    - .50 (Apr. 2) I had my check in for this week with Sister Imani where we talked about the site meeting last week and plans for the rest of the semester.

    Gave 9.25 hours between 03/23/2021 and 04/01/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 3.00 (Mar. 8) Today I led my lesson regarding graffiti/ street art and it went so well!! I am so happy with how today went.
    - 2.75 hours (Mar. 10) We continued the graffiti lesson from monday and did letters for the art activity today. During scholar hour Brother RJ made up for the writing activity he missed on Monday.
    - 2.50 hours (Mar. 15) Today there was a speaker that came in to talk about covid and how to be safe. Today was very chill and for scholar hour I was paired with brother Josiah where we worked on his poem.
    - 2.75 hours (Mar. 17) The activities today were very discussion based and it was kinda funny because Brother Tobi accidently ended the zoom midway through. After that happened only two of the brothers came back so we split into breakout rooms and worked on math homework.
    - .5 hours (Mar. 19) Today I had my check in with my site leader Imani where we talked about how I was handling school and work.

    Gave 11.50 hours between 03/07/2021 and 03/18/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    - 2.75 hours (Feb. 22) I met with brother Lucas to go through my lesson plans I created and for the rest the boys worked on their sketches/homework. A couple of the boys taught me about this game called Rainbow Six Seige so I will have to make sure to look it up.
    - 2.00 hours (Feb. 23) I revised both of lesson plans by looking up videos about asl and looking into different street artists/street art to include in the lessons.
    - 2.75 hours (Feb. 24) Today was a bit of a rough day for LPTM. A couple of the boys I was working with were not in the best mood today, so it took more effort to try and keep them engaged today. However, one of the boys showed the other mentor and I his cat which was SO CUTE!
    - 2.50 hours (Mar. 1) The boys presented their slideshows about their Harlem Reinaissance artist today which went very well. We didn't do too much homework in my breakout room today but we had a very important discussion which I believe is just as necessary.
    -2.50 hours (Mar.3) This was probably the best LPTM session I have had in a long time. We played a very fun art game and scholar hour went great. I feel like I am connecting a lot more with my kid and it feels so nice to know that he is getting more comfortable with me.
    - 1.50 hours (Mar. 4) I spent today focusing on learning ASL for my lesson plan that we will be doing in a couple of weeks. I learned how to do the alphabet and learned a couple simple sayings such as "Hello my name is..." and "My favorite food is..."
    - .50 (Mar. 5) I continued to practice ASL today and spent half an hour reviewing and quizing myself on the alphabet by using a quizlet.

    Gave 14.50 hours between 02/21/2021 and 03/04/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    I met with my site leader today and reviewed the lesson plans I created.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 02/18/2021
    DC Reads Spring 2021

    I really liked the theme for LPTM today (Harlem Renaissance). We looked at some incredible artwork, and I had great discussions with Elder Bill and Brother Jevah. We ran late today because of all the great conversations and shout-outs we had at the end of class.

    Gave 2.75 hours on 02/16/2021